New Pats Liquor Complaint - Confirmed Scam

13 January 0   3

What happened?

We initially gave our personal information and a deposit for a keg. Over the next several years we would come in and exchange kegs as we finished them. We now are moving and we wanted to bring our last keg back and get our deposit back as we were bringing the keg back in good condition. The store employee claimed that since we had had the keg for more than 3 days, we would only get half of our deposit back. I told him that I thought that he must be confused, but he persisted. So I took my keg and called later to talk with a manager. He said the same thing. That I needed to drink my whole keg in 3 days and bring it back if I wanted to get my full deposit back. The manager claimed that they get charged by the supplier if I don't bring my keg back in 3 days! Are you kidding me? What a blatant lie!
Now, I'm not new to the keg thing. We get kegs from Orlando Brewing as well as Aardvark (great business there). They both give back the full refund. So I know that Pat's is full of ****.
I have now attempted to get the attention of someone higher up at Pat's, but we'll see if I get a response.

DO NOT PATRONIZE PAT'S LIQUOR!!!! They scam their customers.